2NE1 + ‘Happy’ music video / requested by anon/

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Reblog if you love 2NE1.

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How to make HD gifs(?)

From this:    image

     To this:    image

Okay, I finally have time to show how I make gifs.. lol sorry but I think it’s funny that people keep asking me how I do them. I mean, like I don’t do anything special, there are much more gifmakers who are really amazing, but yeah well if you want this tut here you go.

Also WARNING I suck at explaining things and my english is well bleh bleh.. ^^ But I hope we will still go through it together. :D

  1. First of all you need a HD video.. if you want your gifs to appear HD of course. You can download also a video with 360pt but it will not give you a HD effect.
  2. Coloring! it’s very important so choose the right one. Some colorings will make your gifs very grainy and it will not look HD at all.
  3. Sharpening is also very important and the most important thing about it is not to oversharpen your gif. I mostly use Amount: 500%   and Radius: 0.3px it looks like this:


And I set it all to 50% opacity. Also I use after that a bit of gaussian blur (Radius 1.0 , 32% opacity) it will soften your gif more and this is the effect I love.

    4. These are my save settings.


Just as you see nothing special. =)

Pray for Korea, Pass it on


Don’t Just Pray for your Idols, Pray for Korea in a whole. Because both sides need it. Each normal person in either North or South Korea need strength in order to survive all the pain they are going through. Don’t just think about the government and their stupidity, think about all the people there who just want peace and for Korea to be together in harmony again. 

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Thank you. =)  Hmm, actually my gifs are plain but I will post a tut now. For people who asked me, I promised it a while ago.

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#dara #:3 

My followers are the best! <3 I was feeling very down the past week but you all were here for me. Just want to say thanks to all you beautiful people. <33 I feel much better now also because of you.

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Now I have really to go, just as I said I love you all my cuties. <3 Stay healthy, stay happy and always positive. I will miss you guys :((, bye for now. 

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parkboobs yelled:
boo i hope you'll feel better soon... i'll miss you and your lovely graphics but please take care of yourself and be strong! ♥

I will miss you too hun. <3 take care of yourself as well *muah*

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